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Saying Yes to New Adventures!

One of our big focuses this year is on our students' social and emotional needs and learning.  Each week during our Health time our teachers facilitate lessons with a focus on social and emotional activities. Students participate in class meetings with fellow students and their teacher. Our School Counselor, Mrs. Moore (formerly Ms. Richards) also visits classrooms to provide support and lessons.

REMINDERS:  Breakfast begins at 8:15am and we stop serving at 8:40am (all students must be in their classroom at that time or they are marked tardy). We have many procedures in place to keep everyone safe and healthy. At the car line parents need to please stay in their cars. We have many support staff who will help our students get their breakfast and go to their designated waiting/eating area where teachers will pick them up at 8:45.  If your student is not feeling well, please keep them at home and let the school know.  Thank you for being flexible and patient to ensure all of our students continue to grow and learn in a safe and health environment.

Thank you, Principal Tracey Gibson

Pic of Mrs. Gibson and Mrs. Abel 

Pictured above: Principal Mrs. Gibson (right) and Assistant Principal Mrs. Abel (left) welcome you to an exciting school year where our theme is to "Say YES to New Adventures".  

Leadership Team 2022

Our Leadership Team pictured above:  (back row, left->right) Mrs. Stanton, Mrs. Gibson, Mrs. Abel, Mrs. Moore (Richards); (front row left->right) Dr. Schofield, Mrs. Quinones, Mrs. Martinez and Mrs. Walters-Phillips.

Office Hours
Monday-Friday 7:30 am-4:30 pm

 All registrations are by appointment with our Registrar, 
Mrs. Aleshe: [email protected] or 407-249-6360, ext.3582232


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