Welcome to Kindergarten!

Welcome to Kindergarten Guide 2021-2022  HERE

Our Kindergarten Team is:

Mrs. Oyola, Ms. DeLaCruz, Mrs. Cole and Ms. Distler

Kindergarten: Reading Process

The student:

·  Demonstrates knowledge of the concept of print and how it is organized and read. (Ex. Names all upper and lower case letters of the alphabet)

· Demonstrates phonological awareness. (Ex. Identifies, blends and segments onset and rime [c-at] as well as recognizes and produces words that rhyme)

· Demonstrates phonemic awareness. (Ex. Identifies initial, final and medial sounds in CVC words)

· Demonstrates knowledge of the alphabetic principle and applies grade level phonics skills to read text. (Ex. Recognizes the one to one correspondence between letters and sounds)

· Uses multiple strategies to develop grade appropriate vocabulary.

· Uses a variety of strategies to comprehend grade level text. (Ex. Predicting, retelling, sequencing events, and identifying author’s purpose)

· Identifies, analyzes, and applies knowledge of the elements of a variety of fiction and literary texts to develop a thoughtful response to a literary selection.

· Identifies, analyzes, and applies knowledge of the elements of a variety of non- fiction, informational, and expository texts to demonstrate an understanding of the information presented.

Kindergarten: Writing Process

The student:

· Uses prewriting strategies to generate ideas and formulate a plan. (Ex. Connects thought and oral language to generate ideas and draw a picture about ideas from stories)

· Writes a draft appropriate to the topic, audience, and purpose. (Ex. Draws. tells, or writes about a familiar topic)

· Edits and corrects the draft for standard language conventions. (Ex. Uses letter- sound relationships to spell simple words, capital letter to begin important words, and end punctuation)

· Writes a final product for the intended audience.

· Develops and demonstrates creative writing. (Ex. Creates a story by drawing characters and events with simple text)

· Develops and demonstrates informative writing that provides information related to real-world tasks. (Ex. Participates in creating labels, lists, graphs, summaries)

· Develops and demonstrates persuasive writing that is used for the purpose of influencing the reader. (Ex. Draws a picture and uses it to explain why something is a favorite item)

· Engages in the writing process and writes to communicate ideas and experiences. (Ex. Prints first and last name, prints many upper and lower case letters of the alphabet and recognizes the difference between the two, writes from left to right and top to bottom of the page, and recognizes spacing between letters and words)