Principal's Message

Student day begins at 8:15am with (free) breakfast
Breakfast service closes at 8:35am
Students are tardy at 8:45am
Students dismiss at 3:00pm (2:00 on Wednesdays)

Pic of Mrs. Gibson and Mrs. Abel 
Pictured above: Principal Mrs. Gibson (right) and Assistant Principal Mrs. Abel (left) welcome you to an exciting school year where our theme is to "Plant Positivity to Grow Success".  

Leadership Team 2022

Our Leadership Team pictured above:  (back row, left->right) Mrs. Stanton, Mrs. Gibson, Mrs. Abel, Mrs. Moore (Richards); (front row left->right) Dr. Schofield, Mrs. Quinones, Mrs. Martinez and Mrs. Walters-Phillips.

Office Hours
Monday-Friday 7:30 am-4:30 pm
 All registrations are by appointment with our Registrar, 
Mrs. Aleshe: [email protected] or 407-249-6360, ext.3582232


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