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At this time, all parents should have selected a model of learning for their student (LaunchEd from home, face-to-face learning, or Orange County Virtual School (OCVS).  For OCVS, student must be accepted into the program. At that time parent should request withdrawal from Little River.  

Student Device Distribution:

If  you need a device for your student to use with LaunchEd, please contact the office to schedule a pick-up time.  Students in grades K-1 are working on iPads and students in grades 2-5 are working on laptops.

All students will begin learning VIRTUALLY on August 10th and continue until August 21st when they will switch to the parent's selected mode of education (face-to-face, LaunchEd or OCVS).  If you selected face-to-face learning for your child, he/she will come to school on Friday, August 21st.  We ask that students continue with their model of learning for a minimum of the first nine weeks.  After that, parents may reassess the needs of their student and contact the school if a change is necessary.

Student Supply list for Face-to-Face learning is here:  School Supplies 2020 2021 School Supply List Face to Face Learning.pdf